3 Weeks + 3 Shows = 10 Things We Learned

It’s hard to believe that July 4th is only a few days away! What happened to June?

We certainly lost track of time bouncing around the country for the most of the month but as most of you will agree, it’s better to be busy this just sitting on the shore in Jersey!

Since we attended ICX in Dallas, SEGD Conference in Miami, and InfoComm in Orlando, we figured we’d gather our thoughts and let you know what we’re seeing.

ICX Summit 2017

1. Without gathering, measuring and applying data findings, the success of a project greatly diminishes
2. “Analytics are critical to both offering a personalized experience and for measuring if the content is reaching the right audience” – Christine Rice, Intel Corp
3. “Not only do retailers need to provide great digital products and services, but must have the processes, skill-set and discipline in place to continually evolve them in line with evolving customer expectations” – Ken Moy, Subway

SEGD Conference 2017

4. With Bryan Meszaros poised to become the next SEGD President, this will be the first time in the history of the organization that the president will be from a Digital Experience Agency.
5. The conference in Miami was once again a celebration of design, bringing together those practitioners who work on connecting people to place.
6. One of the more fascinating talks was given by New Jersey native Lance Wyman, who is most recognized for the Mexico 68 Olympic Games Design and for setting the bar on graphic design & branding.

InfoComm 2017

7. This year’s InfoComm was the largest on record with 39 percent being first-time visitors and 41 percent of attendees identified as technology managers and end users. For us, this translates into opportunities to make new friends while looking at our industry from a different perspective.
8. Integrators are looking at more than just technology, they are looking for the “value add” from their relationship. Meaning, what more can the brand offer them to help win business?
9. LED taking center stage. We all know the quality is there, but now we are seeing LED display manufacturers understanding the importance of creativity including the new LG Transparent LED Film Display (model LAT300MT1). It offers eye-catching digital content and information while interacting seamlessly with its surrounding environment.


#10 The OpenEye Global brand is being perceived across multiple verticals and industries. It’s true, we are slowly but surely putting the Global in OpenEye Global.

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