5 Ways To Lead a Team of Digital Nomads

For years we struggled with the type of agency we were going to become when we “got older.” We had an office for a few years in NYC, but as the team grew, not just in size but also in geography, we had a decision to make. Centralize ourselves or embrace our nature.

We chose the latter: Embrace our nature as digital nomads and creatives and essentially, build the agency of our dreams.

So as the self-proclaimed “Big Cheese” of this at times, motley crew, here are my top 5 Ways To Lead a Team of Digital Nomads

  1. Our culture defines who we are, in some respect it’s our calling card. It inspires our creativity and helps shape the experiences we create for our clients. What I love the most is that the culture of OpenEye is very much organic and never forced and embraced amongst everyone. It has always been a passion of mine to travel and get out there. You can do more from the road than just sitting at home, call it an eagerness to explore the world and learn from it. Each trip, each encounter I had helped to shape the landscape of the culture today for OpenEye.
  2. It’s all based on trust, that is a huge currency for us. There is no way we could grow OpenEye without trusting each other and trusting the decisions we make.  We have been given this unique opportunity to work in a setting that allows for individuality and creative freedom without the confines of a “physical office” But that comes at a price. We have to trust each other to help maintain the standards we hold for ourselves and the work we expect to deliver for our clients.
  3. We are a family, we celebrate the good times and pull together through the bad. A win is huge for us, it’s a sign of everyone’s collective work and dedication to growing the agency. We are in it together. It’s a confidence builder, it’s a “hey we can do this” moment that puts a smile on our face and extra shot tequila in the margarita. It’s not about bragging, or putting out press releases it’s about celebrating our skills and being provided the opportunity to shine again.
  4. Monster.com is for job seekers who have a defined skill set, OpenEye is for those who operate outside the box, think for themselves and can do way more than what’s written on a one-sheeter. We are the crew who you don’t see coming, we are the people who can talk to you one moment about tech and the next minute design you an experience that would take another group hours to do and several people to complete. We are the crew who rolls up their sleeves and dives in blue collar style.
  5. Respect… without respect there is no OpenEye, without respect we are an agency who will never learn from others. We have a tremendous amount of respect for each other knowing that we have all traveled down paths that have helped shaped our personalities. We have respect for agencies in our industry who are passionate and pushing the boundaries of what is possible. We respect the opportunities we are given by our clients and never take that lightly.