Bryan Meszaros: Founder, OpenEye

Formed in 2003, OpenEye is a digital media consultancy, which looks to redefine how brands and retailers engage with consumers through a strategic digital in-store experience. With studios in New Jersey, New York, San Diego, London, and Moscow, OpenEye has worked with brands including The Nuance Group, The Corcoran Group, Apple, and Penske. In 2000, while working as the director of new media initiatives for MarketSource, Meszaros helped lead the development of the first university-based digital out-of-home network in the United States called Campus Central. At the age of 23, he went on to form OpenEye and was awarded one of the first ever DIGI Awards for his work with Regency Duty-Free (The Nuance Group) in New Zealand. OpenEye’s success continued as it worked with organizations like FITCH, Apple, Santander US & UK, McDonald’s New Zealand, and Vodafone.

Meszaros serves on the board of directors for SEGD and is also part of the advisory board for DSE & CETW. As an active speaker and contributing author, he is featured in publications and often invited to speak at conferences.