Bryan Meszaros of OpenEye Takes Tour of Burberry Store on Regent St. in London

Burberry has unveiled its new Regent Street store in London, after two years of renovation work, just in time for London Fashion Week.

“Burberry Regent Street brings our digital world to life in a physical space for the first time, where customers can experience every facet of the brand through immersive multimedia content exactly as they do online,” explains Angela Ahrendts, Burberry’s CEO. “Walking through the doors is just like walking into our website. It is Burberry World Live.”

Burberry‘s ultimate luxury customer service includes futuristic on-screen technology, bespoke digital signage on all floors and clever radio-frequency identification (RFID) which provides audio-visual content on selected items carrying microchips.

So when a customer takes a product and approaches one of the store’s screens in the common areas or in a fitting room, they have instant access to relevant information ranging from craftsmanship to catwalk looks.

Exerpt from “Inside Burberry’s London Flagship Store” by Christopher Parr