Bryan Meszaros To Lead Global Design Community SEGD

We are proud to announce that our CEO & Founder Bryan Meszaros will lend his leadership talent to the position of President of the Society for Experiential Graphic Design (SEGD) from 2018 – 2020.

Bryan steps into this role as the experiential graphic design community is going through a period of unprecedented development and expansion. Over the last two years, membership in the organization has swelled to over 2,100 members in 30 countries and is represented by 32 local chapters in the U.S., Australia, China, Canada, South Korea, New Zealand and the UK. In addition, SEGD reports its highest-ever numbers for student membership.

Over the past few years, the association has continued its organizational mission to transition to a web-based association model through further development of its tools and resources. The website houses an abundant amount of content and there is a tremendous amount of value for members in through the creation of an extensive video library, new and advanced search functionality and an array of online resources known as the SEGD Toolbox, all of which are available to the membership.

“2018 promises to be another exceptional year for SEGD,” said Meszaros. “We are experiencing organic growth driven by the enthusiasm and input of all our members, who have increasingly diverse design backgrounds.”

Throughout his professional career, which spans almost 17 years, his understanding of bridging the gap between digital and physical design will serve as a solid foundation to help further the vision and initiatives established by past presidents.

The SEGD community is constantly challenging the boundaries of design to create new exciting experiences in the physical environment and therefore we should not limit our knowledge or exposure to other disciplines.

Free Your Design

Coming into his presidency, Bryan has put forward a campaign slogan meant to inspire the industry as a whole while stating his position that it is okay to break the rules and allow your imagination take over.

Free Your Design is a call to action to designers from around the globe to stand up for what the designs they believe in and take a stand to break the status-quo of stuffy design associations and firms.

“Free Your Design represents the opportunity to be creative without boundaries. It’s our ability to blend different design styles and creative materials to craft a physical experience that makes an environment more engaging. We (as a organization) have continue to challenge our designs as we envision new experiences” says Meszaros.

So what sets SEGD apart from other design organizations?

Unlike other design associations, SEGD focuses on the need for collaboration amongst a variety of groups (architects, digital agencies, fabricators, brand agencies, etc..) to create unique experiences. It’s a melting pot of the best of the best, and we couldn’t be prouder of our CEO & Founder for leading that vision.

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