Bryan, Roger and Bob Talk About Their Recent Event Experiences

With 2016 upon us, we are taking a look back at some of our favorite retail events of 2015 and taking a look ahead to what 2016 has to offer.

In your opinion, what was the best retail event of 2015? Why?

Bryan Meszaros, CEO & Founder
Attending the Design: Retail CityScene event in NYC was fun time, in part it was connected to the 40 Under 40 Celebration which I was honored to be apart of. And secondly it was great to have the opportunity to network with other retail professionals recognized for that achievement.

I also will say that Global Shop is an event I look forward to every year. For us it’s nice to get away from the “glitz and glamour” of visual technology and explore the world of retail design and product trends. Understanding the design trends that are happening within retail help us to become more effective in the types of solutions we design. It’s important for us to understand the trends taking place in retail and to hear that direct from them instead of reading it in a journal. Unlike the “tech” shows we attend this one helps satisfy our “design cravings”

Bob Grevey, Digital & Brand Strategy
I was fascinated by the closing keynotes at SEGD’s xlab in New York in November. Rooted infuturist / humanist / post device interactivity, both speakers ( from Austin’s ARGO Design and SFO’s Stimulant ) addressed topics both current and coming with a casual levity that made itfeel as though the future had already arrived and the avant guard was being left to play catch up.

What retail events are you looking forward to in 2016? Why?

Bryan Meszaros
NRF in January always seems to set the bar high for introducing new digital apps that we find useful in integrating into our designs. On a smaller perspective as members of RDI we like to get out to the local chapter events to network and see first hand what’s happening in our own local hood.

Bob Grevey
NRF is great because as retailers continue to adapt to an omni-channel approach, targeting specific customers has become easier, but delivering relevant communication in a meaningful context is a growing challenge. These few days in NYC allows me to level-set and scope out the industry.

I also look forward to Global Shop as it offers a quick few days to focus entirely on what’s driving retail –– with industry leaders providing direct insights into a multitude of topics like in-store interactivity, retail planning and integrating digital to address evolving customer journeys. – Bob Grevey

Roger Starkweather
The SEGD events promises to deliver continued advancement into the digital world. I’m excited to meet and to collaborate with SEGD members and to find out what they are most interested in learning. Part of what Openeye delivers is this thought leadership.

I’m also looking forward to finding out what’s been pulled off with actual executions and what new application-solutions people are trying to layer into new experiences.

What is the best retail event outside of N. America?

Bryan Meszaros
One that I’m excited for is the Wired Retail event in London taking place on Nov 16th. The WIRED events seem to bring together a lot of innovative perspectives as to where retail is heading globally. Having this unique viewpoint, and being a global agency, we look to events like these to inspire us in the way we help brands transform the way brand engage consumers in emerging market segments.

Bob Grevey
I feel like the Next Generation (NG) Retail Summit in St. Andrews is offering some exciting track. Specifically, its focus on practical data activation, as well as channel agnosticism when it comes to physical vs online retail sales, and the changing role of the retail store, especially as relates to flagship-level customer experience strategies.

Reading this and want to connect at one of these events? Connect with us on Twitter @OpenEyeGlobal and reach out. We always love the opportunity to meet new friends and create world-class brand experiences.