Artistic technology implementation in a corporate lobby setting

It represents our commitment to the future and a headquarters that focuses on the customer experience.

John Godbout CEO

John Godbout CEOCSS

CCS, based in Mesa, Arizona, is a company that provides full-service integration, installation, training, and maintenance for audio and video equipment. They recently completed the construction of a beautifully designed new company headquarters—and we were honored to be tasked with providing content for an incredible, large format LED display that wraps around a corner—basically serving as a focal point for the very industrial, yet modern interior of the main lobby/entryway—right in the middle of the reception area. 

This area also sports a set of elevated bench seats and is sometimes used for infotainment events, educational presentations, etc. 

The vision for this project was to fully integrate this massive wrap-around LED screen into the very open, clean, almost industrialesque styled lobby. Thus, we worked with them to develop a series of content pieces intended to bring this incredible visual display to life. The content strategy was a mixed bag. Part of the process consisted of sourcing beautiful content for their many different partners and vendors. This resulted in a series of amazing demo highlight reels, combined with some ambient, environmental-type content interspersed throughout.

We chose visuals like desert scenery, visuals of the beautiful Arizona skyline, and other abstract-type environmental imagery to really make the screen ‘pop’ with life and color—and to demonstrate the impeccable quality of the display itself. 

We also created an immersive 3d logo loop that really brought the entire screen to life in a brilliant fashion. We interspersed this throughout the rest of the content as a ‘welcome to CCS’ message—providing visiting clients and customers with a snapshot of how creative you can get while artistically blending technology into a corporate environment.

One of the funnest challenges of this project was to find the perfect imagery (mostly ultra-high-definition video sequences with forced perspective 3D graphics) with which to successfully tie the specific colors and vibe of the space together. We really wanted to resonate with the tonality of the brand and tell a compelling story through the content. And when we finally wrapped it up and brought it all together, it was a massive success. It evoked the excitement and energy of their unique space, and really connected it to the brand.