Clear Skies Soon

This year has been challenging for us as an industry with questions still lingering as to what the new “normal” will be defined as. Though the climate has changed, we are still committed to operating as we always have and practicing our craft of designing unique experiences that matter. 

When we are able to see clear skies again and physically interact with our surroundings our focus (as it has always been) is to lend our creativity and innovative thinking to our clients helping them cautiously re-engage with their audience. 

As most of you know since we started in 2001, we have always operated as a virtual and nomadic agency. These attributes not only make up our DNA but have helped us to define our auspicious culture. 

However, like many of our colleagues, we are not entirely immune to the challenges this unfortunate situation has presented. We miss the opportunity to physically interact with our clients, partners and industry colleagues. 

We are all eager for the moment when we can grab a beer, share a laugh and roll up our sleeves once again in public. We will get there, but it can not be done alone, as I said earlier in a post on our Instagram feed…“We are in this together!” 

So what have we been up to during this time?!?! 

It’s not like us to keep our opinións to ourselves nor miss an opportunity to hang out in typical OEG style! We have been busy supporting several of our clients who remain open, helping to serve their respective customers as well as helping to be a positive voice in the industry. 

Here are a couple of highlights you may have missed over the past few weeks:

  • Live YouTube Stream / The Check-In: Stay Calm, Drink Coffee (or whatever you have!) with Phil Lenger (Show+Tell), Bryan Meszaros (OpenEye), Manolo Almagro (Q Division) & Sonal Pate
  • Podcast / AVNation Digital Signage Digest 14: Community Commitments / Bryan Meszaros (OpenEye), Rich Ventura (NEC), Brian McClimans (PeerlessAV), Heather Sidorowicz (SouthtownAV) 
  • Article: Interpreting Interactivity / Just how far is interactivity going to go in AV technology, and what does it even mean? 
  • Article: The Great Outdoors / Overcoming the environmental and placement hurdles of Outdoor AV
  • Advocates for Connected Experiences (ACE) / Part of the steering committee for the formation of this new organization with the goal of uniting and empowering all constituents involved in DOOH, retail and venue-based digital experiences around key industry issues.

We must all do our part to keep this industry going and staying strong and this is us giving a lending hand.

If you find yourself looking for something to do during the week grab a pint and join us every Thursday around 7 pm (EST) for our OEG Happy Hour on Houseparty

For those who know us you know the kind of humor you’ll find and those who are just discovering us we hope you’ll join in and say hello!

Just because we are all working for home doesn’t mean we can’t still share a pint! 

Keep healthy, stay safe and wash those hands! 

– Bryan