Digital Signage Digest 21: The Death of Digital Signage Expo


Look On My Screens, Ye Mighty And Despair

Digital Signage Expo started out in 2003 as a fully immersive experience to explore the facets of digital and interactive display technology. It was a comprehensive event solely dedicated to digital signage solutions. In February of 2020 DSE was scheduled for a physical show March 31st to April 4th in Las Vegas, even in the wake of a global pandemic. However, it was suddenly postponed to September 15-18, still promising it would be an in-person event. It was not until Mid-September Exponation announced their filing for bankruptcy protection, and the show was ultimately cancelled.

So, what happened? Was this just a string of bad luck due to COVID-19 or was this just something that was eventually bound to happen? Here to discuss the rise and fall of DSE is The Smooth Factor AV professional Alesia Hendley, Editor in Chief of Daily DOOH Adrian Cotterill, Founder of OpenEye Global Bryan Meszaros and Managing Director for Service & Support Tom Milner. We look at the factors leading up to this, and what this means for the digital signage space moving forward.

Host: Tim Albright



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