Digital Signage Expo Distinguished Faculty Recognized

Digital Signage Expo (DSE) Distinguished Faculty and Recognized Faculty members have contributed to the advancement of professional education in the digital signage, digital out-of-home and interactive technology industries through their presentations at DSE events.

For DSE educators to qualify as Distinguished Faculty and Recognized Faculty members, their presentations must meet the high standards set by DSE and its educational committees and the expectations of DSE attendees as evidenced by high marks on speaker evaluations for:

1. Presenter’s Knowledge, 2. Presenter’s Effectiveness and 3. Presentation Content.

DSE Distinguished Faculty members have presented at four or more DSE events and consistently earned scores of 3.5 or more on a 4-point scale on evaluations from attendees, or they have achieved scores of 3.7 or more at a minimum of two events (effective beginning DSE 2011).

DSE Recognized Faculty members have spoken at one or more DSE events and received an audience rating of 3.5 or more on a 4-point scale. (effective beginning DSE 2011).

DSE Distinguished & Recognized Faculty


Alan Brawn, Principal, Brawn Consulting

Jonathan Brawn, Principal, Brawn Consulting

Lyle Bunn, Strategy Architect, BUNN

Laura Davis-Taylor, SVP, Managing Director BBDO Shopwork

Mike DiFranza, President & CEO, Otter Hill Advisors

Bill Gerba, CEO, WireSpring

Loren Goldfarb, COO, MediVista Media/Everwell

Steve Hargis, Director: Film & Video, Bass Pro Shops

Michael Hiatt, President, Dynamic Retailing

Linda Hofflander, Director, Vertical Marketing, Enterprise Business Division, Samsung Electronics America

Bryan Meszaros, Managing Partner, OpenEye

Stephen Randall, CEO, LocaModa

Kim Sarubbi, President & CEO, Saddle Ranch Digital

Rishi Shah, CEO & Founder, ContextMedia

Pat Stimpson, Digital Signage Manager/Global Brand Development, PlayNetwork

Adrian Weidmann, Managing Director, StoreStream Metrics

Anne White, Creative Executive + Strategic Consultant, HypeHouse Inc.

Mike White, President, Multi-Media Solutions Inc.

George Yunis, SVP, Marketing & Consumer Engagement Strategies, Allure Global Solutions Inc.