Episode 003: Growing Digital Signage Expo w/ Andrea Varrone

Wakey Wakey… Coffee in hand, welcome to CoffeeTalk with The Big Cheese and The Creative Hustler.

Today’s guest is Andrea Varrone. She’s a native Atlantian (if that’s a word)… As well as being the show director for Digital Signage Expo

Stoked to have you hanging with us today Andrea.

  • Tell us about yourself and your role within DSE
  • How has DSE evolved over the years?
  • What’s next for DSE? What are you guys excited about?
  • What trends / new mediums are you trying to bring into the show?
  • Digital Signage Week NYC — What are you looking forward to seeing

Hometown Brew

  • Do you prefer Varsity Chili Dogs or Chili Burgers
  • Favorite sports team Falcons or Braves?
  • Pick a local favorite band TLC or Indigo Girls?

Twitter: @andreavarrone

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andreavarrone/