Episode 004: Branding Baseball With Jason Klein

Wakey Wakey… Coffee in hand, welcome to CoffeeTalk with The Big Cheese and The Creative Hustler.

Today’s guest is Jason Klein, co-founder of Brandiose. He’s a native San Diegan, a huge baseball fan, and is responsible from bringing our mascot Pyxel to life.

Stoked to have you hanging with us today, Jason.

  • Tell us about yourself and how you started Brandiose
  • How important is brand identity to minor league teams? Culture? Revenue?
  • You’ve done branding for over 50 teams so far. Which ones stick out?
  • Tell us about bringing our mascot, Pyxel, to life.
  • What’s next? What’s coming up in the Brandiose world?

Hometown Brew

  • Favorite San Diego brewery?
  • Favorite taco shop?
  • Pick a local favorite band Blink 182 or Rocket From The Crypt?
  • Favorite San Diego freeway to take a drive on?

Twitter: @Brandiose

Website: https://www.brandiose.com/