Episode 005: Energy, Focus, and Travel with Dina Townsend

Wakey Wakey… Coffee in hand, welcome to CoffeeTalk with The Big Cheese and The Creative Hustler.

Today’s guest is the one and only Dina Townsend. She’s the VP of Retail at RMG Networks and a really good friend of ours

Here’s what we spoke with Dina about…

  1. A little bit about herself as well as her role within RMG Networks 
  2. Retail & Digital Signage… Where’s it going? What are some trends to watch?
  3. The latest and greatest with RMG, especially around Korbyt, their new robust digital signage CMS
  4. How is RMG disrupting digital signage within the retail sector?
  5. Which brands get it? Which don’t?

Hometown Brew (Vermont):

  1. Did you know Dina lives on a working farm and has her own donut company as a side hustle?
  2. Is there actually a lake monster? (Twist… in Vermont, there is minor league team called the Lake Monsters (Bryan has the at of course) and ironically enough, it was designed by our friends over at Brandiose.
  3. What the right word? Pub or Tavern?


– RMG Networks: http://www.rmgnetworks.com/

– Korbyt CMS: https://www.korbyt.com/

– Dina’s Linkedin: