Episode 006: Roger Talks NRF

Wakey Wakey… Coffee in hand, welcome to CoffeeTalk with The Big Cheese and The Creative Hustler.

Today’s guest is one of our own… Our Sales Kahuna, Roger Starkweather

Having just returned from NRF (National Retail Federation) in NYC, we figured this would be a great opportunity to get his take on the event and the future of retail.

Topic #1:  Retail is Alive but very challenging …

James Curleigh, Levi Brand President, said it best, “ Start Swimming or Sink like a Stone!”The Buzz this year was all about a personalized customer journey / connecting data to create unique moments in time (We’ve been touting this for a while)

Topic #2:  The Chatter around disruption from the keynotes to the floor (and yup, we totally wrote a blog about this a while back)

Topic #3: Tips for conference / trade show newbies

  • Set objectives and goals. Don’t walk in blindly
  • Wear good shoes. It’s a lot of steps you’ll be walking
  • Always check out the Innovation lab for a more intimate experience
  • Do your research. Have a plan. Be strategic

Hometown Brew:  – “This is tough guys, can we talk “Titos?” – Roger

  • Favorite Grunge Band?  – Nirvana “Duh, I’m from Seattle” – Roger
  • Favorite Seattle Coffee Shop?  Vivace
  • Favorite spot to visit in Washington?  “ Westsport for surfing. I am the Sales Kahuna” – Roger

Final Thoughts from Roger:

“Everyone should have a “lab approach” to reshaping their business”

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