Episode 009:Localizing A Global Brand w/ Kael Elliott

Welcome to another episode of the Design, Culture, and Experience show. I’m Steven Picanza and as always, I’m joined by the big cheese, Bryan Meszaros.
Today, we’re stoked to be sitting down with Kael Elliott from Merlin Magic Making, the creative arm to Merlin Entertainment, known for amazing attractions and experiences.
  • You’re a creative producer for Merlin… What does that really mean and how do you impact design?
  • What do you feel, as a designer, is paramount to making designs resonate with your audience
  • How do localize the experience?
  • What is the intineral culture of Merlin and how do they push innovation?
  • How do you think culture impacts the environment you create? Is there a direct correlation?
  • How do collaborations come together?
  • What does experience mean to you? To Merlin?
  • What are some key metrics or KPIs associated with creating experiences? How are you measuring success?
Hometown Brew
  • so we should ask him what is the best BBQ in Austin & SEGD’s next conference?
  • Living in New Jersey, what shore town does he head to for the summer?
  • In your opinion, what does New Jersey do the best? The worst?
Kael’s LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/kaelut
Here’s a glimpse of Bryan in his infamous Elf costume: WATCH HERE