Episode 013: Audio, Visual, and Brand Experience w/ Tim Albright

Welcome to another episode of the Design, Culture, and Experience show. I’m Steven Picanza and as always, I’m joined host extraordinaire, Bryan Meszaros.

Today, we’re thrilled to be sitting down with our great friend Tim Albright from AV Nation, an AV leading digital publishing platform connecting AV professionals around the world.

Tim, great to have you on the show. Maybe in your own words tell us a bit about AV Nation?


  • How is the AV nation leveraging designers to bring brand experiences to life?
  • Shows helping to further the conversation?
  • Should AV professionals think like designers? If so, how?


  • The AV industry is creating quite the culture, both online and offline. Why is that so? What do you contribute to this?
  • Internally at AV Nation… What is the culture you’re trying to bring out?


  • What’s the future for AV Nation? What’s next?
  • The global experience? Asia? Europe?

Hometown Brew

  • Cubs? White sox? Cardinals?
  • Favorite local beer? Schpalhys
  • Favorite global city? London
  • Fast casual chain – steak and shake

You can find AV Nation here:

URL: https://avnation.tv/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AVNationTV

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tim-albright-698aaa7/


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