Episode 15: Defining an Experience with Rich Ventura

Welcome to another episode of the Design, Culture, and Experience show. I’m Steven Picanza and as always, I’m joined host extraordinaire, Bryan Meszaros.

Today, we’re thrilled to be sitting down with our great friend and past chairman of the Digital Signage Federation, Rich Ventura. Rich is also the VP of strategic management at NEC, a digital display manufacturer… And let’s just be real, Rich is just a welcomed voice to the industry.

Rich, Great to have you on the show. In 60 seconds or less, tell us a bit more about yourself and what makes you tick?


  • Talk to us about what you feel the role design has in bringing experiences to life, especially when it involved heavy tech
  • At NEC, how are you leveraging design in your processes and to continue to bring value?
  • How do you see ALP (analytics Learning platform) lending itself to helping improve visual design?


  • #AVTweeps has become quite a social phenomenon. What do you contribute to it?


  • What does brand experience mean to you?
  • Value on NEC Team Members to speak towards experience?
  • How does NEC contribute to these experiences, besides just hardware?

Hometown Brew

  • What’s in the Whiskey Cabinet right now?
  • Tell us the inspiration behind your DSE outfits of years past

You can find more about Rich and NEC HERE:

URL: https://www.necdisplay.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/richventura/

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