Episode 19: Reopening Strategies

Welcome to another episode of the Design, Culture, and Experience Show. I am your host Bryan Meszaros and today I am joined by a few good friends and respected industry colleagues. We always share and bounce our thoughts off one another but we took that a step further recently and teamed up to write an article around the balance of technology and design for physical spaces post covid. The article is in the June edition of SCN Magazine. 

Question: Re-opening strategies are top of mind for everyone but it’s more complicated than just “opening the doors.” From a DESIGN POV what observations or insights do you have that different environments should be doing to ensure a “safe” and “manageable” environment?

Key Points:

  • The need for new regulator signage,  clear Icons & better wayfinding.
  • Increase Sanitation Awareness and tactics 
  • Understand how people are interacting in a space
  • The need to create a “ Frictionless Experience”


Question: The businesses that get it right and survive will understand that there needs to be a balance of design and technology. However it does come down to a question of investment and for a while a lot of businesses have been reluctant to invest in technology. Is this the catalyst?

Key Points:

  • Digital Signage is still very much relevant today
  • Voice User Interface / Explore alternative ways to interact 
  • Sanitation Awareness (Devices such as thermal scanners & occupancy counters) 
  • Retail needs to invest more in “Scan and Go” applications


Question: It’s a balance we are trying to create to make a space safe BUT what price does the customer / visitor have to pay with regards to their privacy? 

Key Points:

  • The needs for measurement standards, what is enough to ensure privacy and safety 
  • Transparency of measurement without crossing 


Question: The erosion of confidence we face at this moment in time will lead to trust being more critical than ever. What can businesses do to keep their promise of safety? How do they stay true to their “brand promise”

Key Points::

  • By taking experience design, personal privacy and consumer trust to heart, brands can be remembered for keeping their promise to customers when faced with these unparalleled challenges.
  • Keep an open line for communication / be honest

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