Growing Up A Pirate

As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a Seton Hall Pirate.

Maybe it was the hoodie my mother gave me in the 5th grade or the multiple summers I spent at PJ’s (Carlesimo) Pirate Basketball Camp at the Hall that won me over!

Either way, it was a goal of mine from a young age to attend Seton Hall.

The moment the acceptance letter arrived with those magical words “Congratulations!”, my dream had come true. I was officially a Pirate!

And let’s face it, if not for Seton Hall there would be no OpenEye Global.

No “DJ’s of the consumer experience

No “family

No “Collective of big agency refugees

I always had a fascination with computers and graphic design to the point in high school I started a small business called “Amazing Productions” in which friends would pay me to design their report covers and even the high school hired me to redesign the school crescent. So naturally, when I found out SHU had a Communication Arts program I was even more committed to perfecting the craft!

I am a proud Pirate and for those who know me or at least follow me on social, you will always see a reference back to the school!

Whether it’s me at a game, back on campus for an alumni event or mentoring students, I try to give back and support the school, which was so tremendous in helping launch my career.

This year has been extremely special for me!

In April I was honored to receive the Distinguished Alumni Award for the College of Communication and the Arts.

Most recently I was featured in the Summer edition of the Seton Hall Magazine in which the article focuses on the growth of OpenEye and a few of our successful projects.

It’s an honor to receive such a recognition from my Alma Mater and one that I will never forget!

Go Pirates!!!