Honeywell Headquarters

Enhancing the corporate experience

This kiosk enhances employees being able to move through our new headquarters seamlessly with new & innovative technologies.

Honeywell Representative

Honeywell Representative

When Honeywell built their new corporate headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina—the focus of the building was to incorporate the best technology possible. The final product was a massive success—being both impressively smart and highly efficient. Our role in this project was to develop an integrated software system capable of servicing the almost future-like ‘smart’ aspects of the building’s navigational/information center. 

Throughout the structure, you’ll find touchscreens that you can use for everything from navigating the building, to accessing information, to observing up-to-the-minute data on electrical consumption and water usage—really, anything that you could possibly think of. 

To stand back and actually look at that system from the outside perspective is a lot walking around in a real sci-fi film—and we worked closely with Honeywell to make it happen. And the final digital information platform that we built for the project was truly impressive. 

In particular, the project focused on a wayfinding element, as well as a dashboard that would help to educate employees and provide a universal information hub (which could be accessed from virtually anywhere in the building). 

The problems we sought to solve in this project were really mostly related to how information technology could provide a better experience for the people in the building. In developing the system, we asked questions like: How do you help to familiarize people with the layout of the floors? How do you familiarize employees and visitors with what’s going on, while at the same time helping them to navigate and find their way to various points of interest, meeting rooms, restrooms, etc.? Thus, we developed the wayfinding directional information hub, which really took the form of an interactive touchscreen experience that, when it wasn’t being used, also served a double purpose as a place for announcements, building updates, messages for employees, etc.

Our role was to design the user interface and work closely with other teams to implement the dynamic, data-driven back end. 

The most ambitious challenge associated with this project was completing it in a timely fashion—literally as the building was being built, to coincide with its grand opening. We were faced with multiple crucial deadlines—and it was a fun challenge to face those deadlines and meet them while working together with various other teams. 

As a result, employees in the official Honeywell headquarters are now more familiar with their surroundings. The system has also added a layer of overall efficiency to the building for Honeywell’s guests and visitors—helping to visually tell the story of the experience of the Honeywell brand and their corporate headquarters.