Human After All Podcast

Our own “Big Cheese” was invited back on the Digital Signage Digest to discuss what companies can do during this difficult time.
It is certainly an interesting time for the digital signage space. Most events have been cancelled or postponed, including Digital Signage Expo 2020, and many businesses are being worked on remotely by their employees at home. In this climate, what is there for businesses to do to stay afloat? On this month’s episode, we discuss how some companies are handling these developments, keeping in contact with your teams and staying cohesive as a company even though you are separated.

Llanor Alleyne
  • Rich Ventura: NEC Solutions
  • Bryan Meszaros: Open Eye Global
  • Brian McClimans: PeerlessAV
  • Heather Sidorowicz: SouthtownAV