Introducing the OpenEye Global Partner Blueprint

As an agency, we are a collection of our combined experiences. It’s that human-capital that gives us an edge to other creative shops. But staying small and nimble possesses its fair share of challenges, especially when you consider the breadth of projects we are working on.

We are often only as good as the team of partners we assemble.

As we begin to close out on our biggest year ever (see our latest wins HERE), there was a constant that we became aware of, but needed a way to articulate it. Our partners are paramount to the success of what we create, but with deadlines, schedule conflicts, and life, it is almost impossible to keep everyone up-to-date all the time.

That is where the idea for our partner blueprint came from.

Because it is more than just a partnership for us. It is an opportunity to continue to create inspiring and moving experiences for some of the coolest brands on the planet. But this is unlike any old typical blueprint. It’s our perspective on the benefits of a good partnership with us.

And it is included in our quarterly partner packet which will be distributed every quarter. It’s our way of going the extra mile to ensure you know what is going on in the OEG world because lets face it, busy called back in 2010.