Kentucky Expo Center

Visitors greeted by a new sign in Kentucky.

Gate one is the Kentucky Exposition Center’s front door. Expanding and improving our primary entrance will improve the customer experience from the moment they visit our property.

David S. Buck President & CEO
Kentucky Venues

David S. Buck President & CEOKentucky Venues

The Kentucky Exposition Center (KEC) is a large multi-use facility in Louisville, KY, that hosts an extensive array of high-profile events such as the Kentucky State Fair, The Burbon Festival, and The National Farm Machinery Show.

Challenged with the growing number of visitors per year and a series of dated facility entry gates, KEC looked to improve the customer experience by redesigning its main entrance.

Working closely with EOP Architects, we helped modernize the design by incorporating a series of large-format LED displays into the canopy to increase the messaging’s visibility. In thinking through the experience, we included a series of smaller displays positioned on the front of each booth to help convey specific information such as wayfinding, ticketing, and other details pertinent to the event.