New retail showroom enhances the design experience.

“OEG helped us create an incredibly efficient shopping experience for our designers. “

Jesse Lazarus: Design Director

Jesse Lazarus: Design Director

Tasked with creating an immersive experience for the Kravet Experience Center in NYC, we mixed design aesthetics with technology to produce moments that matter for their customers. Working with Kravet, a 5th generation family-owned company home textiles and furnishing brand, we came in to bring their network of showrooms to life, starting with their NYC location.

We were tasked with solving the challenge of “how do we create an efficient shopping experience for designers?” As designers at heart, we knew the exact place to start. The Workspace. As it’s called, the Workspace is a place where a designer can come in with their project, spread out, and make their area an interactive workspace.

Enter the pegboard concept. Never stationary, always a movement in aesthetics.

Partnering with ELO and leveraging a touchscreen, the designer can see all the SKUs in the Kravet line, grab one, scan it, and find other fabrics that complement and help in the curation process. By scanning the SKU, you get all other relevant products, receive pricing, see color options, allowing you to see the thousands of materials around the showroom at your fingertips. The Workspace is all about product discovery and research, helping each designer to create project plans in a frictionless and efficient manner.