Doodle Reef

Sea Life – Doodle Reef

A doodle for all ages.

We were tasked to design and create an interactive experience that would encourage children (and adults) to learn about various sea life creatures. The experience, which is centered around the use of a custom iPad app allows the guests to create their own unique fish with an array of custom effects​.

Enter an imaginative underwater world of creativity and color! You’ll have the chance to design your own virtual fish and ‘sea’ it swim through the reef!

The interactive playscape allows patrons to create their own virtual sea creatures on one of 16 iPad tablets stationed in front of live aquariums. The digital creatures can be sent to a screen inside the tank, where guests can see their creatures “swimming” with other fish. Once the fish appear on the “social display,” kids are given the option to race their fish, play with their fish, or feed their fish.

After playing around in the tank, the kids can bring their fish home via a mobile app developed specifically for the exhibit.

OEG was an amazing partner in the creation and installation of Doodle Reef. I’m looking forward to diving in with OEG on the next adventure.”

Cody Martin: Project Manager – Merlin Entertainment

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