Merlin Entertainment: SeaLife Aquarium – Doodle Reef: Experiential Design, Creative Ideation, Digital Signage, Digital Content

A doodle for all ages.

We were tasked to design and create an interactive experience that would encourage children (and adults) to learn about various sea life creatures. The experience, which is centered around the use of a custom iPad app allows the guests to create their own unique fish with an array of custom effects​.

We were tasked to design and create an interactive experience that would encourage children (and adults) to learn about various sea life creatures. The experience, which is centered around the use of a custom iPad app allows the guests to create their own unique fish with an array of brushes and a palette of vibrant colors and effects.
From our scope, we saw two initial challenge areas, which would impact the overall experience:
Digital Challenges:
  • Experience needed to work between 3 different scenarios (Table, Aquarium Screens, Multi-user touch screens)

  • Guests must be able to bring their fish home, somehow…

  • Design realistic 3D digital fish that can be colored and maintain 3D look

  • Timing issues = no bottleneck (keep users moving to next station)

  • Incorporate designed fish into different gaming scenarios (some educational)

Wall Graphics:
  • Each one had to be different but cohesive because panels needed to be able to be re-ordered and still work within a new space

  • Design of the 2D wall graphics needed to work with the design of the 3D environmental graphics as well as the design of the digital screens

Once the design of the fish is complete the guest can view their fish and watch it come to life as it appears inside the “digital tank”.  To create the illusion of their fish in a tank, we creatively positioned a display behind a real fish tank. In the background swims their 3D fish and in the foreground are real life fish. Hence the illusion of a “digital tank.”
The experience doesn’t stop there! In another part of the environment the guest can interact with their fish on an 86 in. Interactive Display. From the display they can feed their fish and challenge other fish to a race. With any great experience the fun shouldn’t end nor should a fish have to part ways with its creator! The guests are invited to download an app from wither the Google Play Store or the App Store, which they can take their fish home to continue to care for it.
Beyond the digital experience, we were tasked to design two tank environments that would elevate the physically-design theme space while enhancing the digital engagement attributes.
Strong attention was placed on creating a user experience that connected people, rewarded them for their time while creating strong family memories. Ultimately, by using creativity as a way to explore and learn; families and young audiences are engaged throughout this exhibit while making a memorable experience.
We decided on using iPads for the fish creation tablet because of their power and small form factor.. We brought in Protofactor to build six rigged 3D fish models based on our designs as we initially tried to use stock 3D fish models, but they didn’t look realistic enough and they did not give us enough flexibility in their animations.
The result was a very realistic starting point for the guests to color and accessorize their fish.
Instead of printing out the fish to take home, or sending a graphic file we offered to create an app that allows the fish to be downloaded on your mobile device that you can feed. This allows the experience to live on for the guest, allowing the brand to continue to shine even after the experience is over.
The final build out consists of 16 interdepedant IPads and their customized table mounts as as well as two 86in. multi-user multi-touch screens. All devices were networked for seamless inter-connectivity via backend servers as well as the necessary supporting software and applications.

OEG was an amazing partner in the creation and installation of Doodle Reef. Their creative application of the digital programming is what took Doodle Reef to the next level of interaction for our aquariums. I’m looking forward to diving in with OEG on the next adventure.”

Cody Martin:
Project Manager
Merlin Entertainment

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