OEG Goes Back to School

2018 is an exciting year for our continued commitment of inspiring the next generation of designers and branders with both Bryan and Steven lending their influence and expertise at top-notch universities.

Bryan will be a “Professor in Residence” at Seton Hall University where he’ll be teaching a course starting 1/17 on Digital Engagement in Physical Spaces.

“I want students to develop a different perception on how interactive and visual media can be used in physical spaces as a storytelling platform,” said Meszaros. “We often don’t think of digital media as physical design element. My goal is to change that thinking and provide students with the understanding of how to apply their design skills to create these unique experiences.”

Course Content:
Digital Engagement in Physical Spaces aims to teach students to think about the context of different environments such as museums, retail stores, entertainment facilities, and corporate theatre.

Students will learn how to design dynamic 3D spaces that engage audiences providing new layers that enrich their experience. Students will be taught how to analyze and how to use critical thinking to evaluate interior and exterior spaces and how to improve upon them. Students will observe the use of visual and interactive technologies in a given space and measure human interaction. Storyboarding is an important component of this course. Visual, motion and interactive applications will be integrated into each project in the creation of dynamic environments.

Steven will be an Adjunct Instructor of Branding and Marketing Theory at Drexel University for their Digital Marketing Certificate Program, which starts January 16 at their Philadelphia campus.

“Understanding the way branding and marketing can harmoniously work together to impact business strategy is paramount in today’s ever-changing business environment. In a world where new tactics seem to come out almost daily, having a true understanding of branding and marketing theory and strategy is imperative to stay on a path of continued success.”

Course Description:
The course will explore the core elements of building and scaling a modern-day brand no matter your industry or business type. The course will cover an array of topics including breaking down branding misconceptions, marketing theories, how to map your customer journey both online and offline, how to translate your brand DNA into a visual language including design a logo, and scaling your brand through your WordPress website.

The following will be covered in the course:

  • Fundamentals of branding and how it relates to a marketing / business plan
  • Audience personas and segmentation
  • Define brand DNA (positioning, purpose, culture and promise)
  • Brand messaging and Unique Selling Propositions (USPs)
  • Mapping your brand journey
  • The meaning and value of brand equity
  • Matching your brand’s visual language (logos, colors, fonts, graphical elements) with its DNA
  • Website planning, sitemaps and wireframes
  • WordPress CMS management

If you’re interested in how our branding and experiential design expertise can transform your brand or organization, don’t hesitate to contact us today.