OEG Podcasts 2020: A look back

The changing narrative of 2020 told through a series of podcasts

We enjoy sharing our thoughts and discussing various design trends with our industry colleagues. It is essential to have these conversations to help curate new ideas and spur innovation. Throughout 2020 the conversation continued to shift organically, and we played with different formats to adjust for the tone of voice during critical moments.

The changes in our climate impacted our conversations. However, we remained centered by focusing on the impact of carefully designed experiences. We invite you to listen to a selection of Podcasts from this year, when stitched together, provide a robust design narrative during a challenging period.

We also invite you to check out our limited-run series called “The Morning Spin” which we hosted live during the summer on Instagram. It is a new format we experimented with and will be bringing back in 2021. Much like our podcast, it follows a changing narrative and focuses on several key industry topics.

Follow us for new episodes of the Experience By Design Podcast (Apple Podcasts / Spotify) premiering every other Wednesday throughout the year.

Thank you for listening to us this year!