OpenEye Completes Digital Signage Rollout for Leading U.S. Bank

OpenEye, a global digital media consultancy, has announced the completion of a multi-million dollar, full rebranding initiative for one of the 25 largest retail banks in the United States. The company also is working to expand the digital merchandising program for the bank’s UK entity.

OpenEye upgraded more than 700 branch locations with 1,500 digital displays by creating a dynamic, modern environment, including a digital merchandising program that allows the bank to communicate more frequently and effectively with its customers. The program – designed and implemented by OpenEye – allows the bank to display a variety of dynamic marketing messages, such as real-time rate information, localized offers and core product information.

“We look at the relationships banks have with their customers and the means in which they communicate with them to create and position a digital merchandising program,” said Bryan Meszaros, OpenEye managing partner. “The goal was to allow the bank to maximize the impact of their marketing messages and help increase customers’ awareness around new product offerings.”

Meszaros says more banks are turning to digital as they explore ways to upgrade their in-branch marketing and boost engagement with customers.

“Digital technologies have brought a major shift in consumer banking behavior. Brick-and-mortar branches will need to leverage the latest technologies to offer a personalized banking experience if they want to secure their place in the future. Digital tools are driving this transformation,” said Meszaros.

As banks explore ways to integrate digital solutions in their branches, Meszaros says no two clients are alike. That means the products and technologies that were successful with one client won’t necessarily work in the next project. Therefore, OpenEye engineers and designers listen to clients before they start to develop a solution and offer a customized approach.

“It shouldn’t just be a display on the wall – you should look at ways to integrate the displays within the design of the environment,” said Meszaros.

OpenEye is involved in all phases of the digital signage installation, from start to finish – and beyond. This includes conceptual design and content creation, either by OpenEye staff or one of its partners.

The company also completed projects at Provident Bank and Brooklyn Independence Community Bank, before it was acquired.