Digital Signage for Museums

Transforming the museum experience puts visitors at the center of each exhibit, breathing life into long-dead mummies and highlighting salient scientific discoveries with a personalized touch.

By introducing digital signage to augment your museum’s exhibits, the potential for elevating the average visitor experience skyrockets to a new level. OpenEye Global has demonstrated the value of interactive design and immersive solutions in a museum setting.

Digital Signage for Museums

Everyone is familiar with the traditional museum experience: wandering around a large space for hours on end, ogling various exhibits with plaques featuring paragraphs of interesting tidbits and insights. It’s an experience that works and has demonstrated remarkable consistency over decades of use. However, there are new ways to augment that experience, integrating digital signage for museums to improve and engage with audiences on a deeper, more meaningful level. Reading signs and stories about ancient shipwrecks is fascinating, but what if the delivery of that information could be honed and improved through interactive, multimedia solutions?

Transforming the museum experience puts visitors at the center of each exhibit, breathing life into long-dead mummies and highlighting salient scientific discoveries with a personalized touch. Visitors don’t have to touch your artifacts to handle their own replicated versions of an ancient arrowhead, nor do they have to dig up lost archives to view early WW2 records of battlefields and speeches. With the right solutions, you can engage with your audience in ways that matter.

Encourage Visitor Interaction

Museums no longer have to be strictly objective. Indeed, your average museum attendant won’t be allowed to interact with most of the high-value art available. Still, that experience can be replicated in numerous ways that invite your patrons to partake in museum-relevant experiences. Rather than keep onlookers behind a cordoned-off area, creating spaces that encourage participation allows visitors to have a personalized experience.

Let’s take our work with Sea Life, for example. We approached their Doodle Reef concept from the perspective of the viewer. How can you encourage visitors to learn about marine life in a fun, informative way and promote the retention of valuable facts and figures? By giving them the chance to create their own unique sea creatures.

By implementing an iPad-based application, visitors ranging from children to adults can learn about ocean life while designing their aquatic creatures in the process. In this area, patrons can flex their creativity and display their virtual fish in a digital tank for all to see. From there, visitors can feed, race, and play with their creations, investing in the knowledge gained through this unique experience.

More Value for Every Exhibit

The ways digital signage elevates a standardized museum experience are numerous and customizable. A plaque can be replaced with an interactive board allowing visitors to curate their own experience learning about a given subject. A large video wall can provide custom-generated multimedia productions detailing certain historical aspects relevant to a given exhibit.

OpenEye Global specializes in delivering solutions designed around your brand’s image, goals, and offerings. A digital signage solution for an aquarium would be entirely separate from one about aircraft history. No matter what kind of museum you’re running, our work revolves around taking a collaborative approach for deploying creative solutions geared towards your needs and expectations.

There’s a lot of work to be done to integrate high-impact solutions involving digital signage for museums. We would love to get started as soon as we can. Visit our contact page or give us a call at (732) 407-5018 for more information.

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