Healthcare Digital Signage

The versatile nature of healthcare digital signage means that every business can receive personalized solutions fit for their unique environments.  OpenEye Global blends high-impact strategies with creative design and innovative hardware and software technologies to augment physical spaces.

Envision your healthcare practice from an objective perspective. What do you see? Do you see a modern environment that caters to the needs of your patients through integrated technological solutions, or is it the traditional, bland waiting room with light jazz over the speakers? Healthcare digital signage can pull a lot of weight when it comes to creating experiences that provide your staff, patients, and practice as a whole with remarkable benefits.

Healthcare Digital Signage

Digital signage comes in many forms: LED displays, interactive kiosks, touch screen portals, digital information boards, video screens, and so on. Technology can serve as an ideal medium for curating innovative experiences that transform a space from forgettable to memorable. OpenEye Global has years of experience implementing custom-fit digital signage solutions that merge creative design and cutting-edge technology to reinvigorate your practice’s physical space. Your patients deserve to have the best treatment, and that starts in the waiting room with interactive solutions engineered to improve your atmosphere while delivering critical information in an easily digestible way.

How Can Digital Signage Evolve Your Practice?

Digital signage is built on a core value of information, whether it’s served to accelerate the buyer’s journey in a retail space or offer insightful health-related information. Digital signage guides and influences how an individual perceives their surroundings, situations, and experience. Like our Sea Life exhibit project, we developed an interactive display that offers an engaging, hands-on experience to learn about the ocean. The same principle can be applied to your practice.

While a hands-on kiosk may not necessarily be the right solution for your environment, the possibilities for expanding and evolving your practice’s physical space are virtually limitless. Solutions may range from an interactive digital board that allows patients to involve themselves in curating their own educational experience by choosing precisely the information they want to learn about. Or consider something as commonplace as a slideshow presentation across the countertop highlighting essential health facts and practice information.

Decreases Perceived Wait Time

Multimedia content has the added benefit of easing the strain of long waiting periods. Compelling, entertaining videos directed at the patients’ wants and needs keeps them occupied and engaged in your environment, giving them something to focus on until their appointment comes up.

Eases Anxiety

Healthcare facilities are notorious for being stressful environments for good reasons. Considering the gravity of what might wait for them during their appointment, many visitors appreciate having their minds taken off of anxiety-inducing processes. Entertaining, high-quality content provides a release, easing the minds of your patients with approachable media. With enough exposure, patients experience decreased anxiety and nervousness in anticipation of their appointment.

Provides Navigation

Those unfamiliar with your healthcare facility’s layout are liable to get turned around. Strategically placed digital signage provides visitors with maps, alleviating confusion and frustration. Integrating your facility’s layout with an interactive board enables patients to easily find and choose relevant information according to their needs, streamlining their experience and getting them to their desired location faster.

These three benefits are only the start of what effective healthcare digital signage can do for your space. We haven’t touched on how it connects staff and patients with dedicated profiles of your team, offers communicable updates on the condition of loved ones, or optimizes patient intake. OpenEye Global’s services are set to deliver the right solutions when you need them. Visit our contact page or give us a call at (732) 407-5018 for more information.


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