Interactive Digital Signage

Utilizing interactive digital signage from OpenEye Global to engage with your audience and embrace new technological methods will improve your storefront’s physical environment and encapsulate authentic, unique experiences for a broader customer base.

Humans value having free will. It’s an inherent trait beholden to everyone’s existence. Having a certain level of control and autonomy in choosing how to mold your experiences dramatically impacts how your customers relate to the world around them. Offering solutions that appeal to that sense of identity solidifies your brand as a standout entity among a competitive field of peers. Utilizing interactive digital signage to engage with your audience and embrace new technological methods for evolving your storefront’s physical environment are the first few steps needed to holistically encapsulate authentic, unique experiences for a broader customer base.

interactive digital signage

Who doesn’t like interactivity in a storefront environment? While having the accessibility and expertise only available through an in-store human clerk, many visitors would prefer taking their own path in exploring what your company has to offer. Supporting those efforts through dedicated experience design solutions creates a unique environment that caters to distinctive interactions between your brand and your audience. Being allowed to explore your offerings at their own speed and, in the process creating their own perceptions of your company’s persona through customizable experiences guarantees a level of interaction between customer and company that only a fraction of businesses have begun exploring. In that regard, OpenEye Global is an industry pioneer in the architecture, planning, deployment, integration, and execution of innovative digital signage projects.

How Interactivity Distinguishes Your Brand

In our Sea Life exhibit, we created a station where visitors could physically touch and interact with sea turtle replicas. Curating an environment of connectivity provided hands-on education about sea turtle life, habitats, rehabilitation, releasing, and more through an experiential medium. For our Kravet partnership, we revolutionized how artisans could work through their process, selecting and comparing different textiles through an innovative digital workbench to find the right materials.

In both of these instances, and many more we’ve delivered, are evidence of how immersion within your physical space changes customer perceptions and experiences with your brand’s persona and offerings. You’re showing them how to proceed through their buyer’s journey, not telling them. Giving them the option to explore your offerings through immersive technologies that implement innovative techniques to engage visitors and brand advocates alike gives your image a breath of fresh air seldom seen among your competitors.

Some of the key benefits that interactive digital signage, in particular, offers your company includes:

  • Greater audience connectivity potential
  • Provide safe methods for self-guidance through your company offerings
  • Personalized brand experiences
  • Proactive customer support without expending human resources

Interactive digital signage is primarily used to educate, entertain, and inform through a format that amplifies content engagement. Visual aids in conjunction with salient information, navigation menus, and pertinent resources build the framework for customers to develop their journeys through your services to find precisely what they’re looking for. Rather than wade through excessive data that isn’t relevant to what they need, an interactive digital signage solution provides the element of choice for experiences based on personal preference.

Embracing technology doesn’t mean that you’re creating a barrier between your brand’s persona and your audience. In combination with creative user-centric design, technology is a tool used to bring your audience closer to your inner circle. Interactive digital signage is one possible avenue for modernizing your company in meaningful ways. Visit our contact page or give us a call at (732) 407-5018 for more information.

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