Interactive Kiosks

OpenEye Global’s dedication to quality experiences through interactive kiosks is founded on our commitment to progress and tailored growth.

Disseminating information is an art form that’s often disregarded as unimportant. The mindset that the way education is delivered is less important than the subject matter itself has its own shortcomings. When the vehicle is neglected, however, the content itself suffers drastically as a result. Visitors come from various backgrounds, and finding universal ways to make meaningful connections with them has no singular solution. Interactive kiosks do more than scroll listicles and paragraphs of information – they endorse engagement with your target audience, providing the tools and motivation to retain attention, deliver information, and capture a broader audience through active participation.

Interactive Kiosks

Fundamentally, the capacity to curate your educational environment through customizable interactions imbues a sense of control with your interactive kiosks. Your audience likes to feel like their choices have meaning. Designing an interface that makes it easy to hand-pick the most relevant information to their interests and goals facilitates an intimate connection between your company and them.

Designing, deploying, and integrating these solutions through experience design is a cornerstone service of OpenEye Global. Our decades of experience have prepared our team of industry experts with the tools, practices, and techniques needed to imbue your store environment with the level of intimacy and consideration required to immerse customers in an attentive service culture.

Prioritizing Intimacy and Connections

Turning visitors into brand advocates relies on fostering an ideal environment that directly pertains to and over-delivers on their expectations and needs. Fulfilling those obligations are easier said than done, especially when considering the time frame you have with each patron. Hitting your core points while offering a custom-built learning experience for your visitors needs a solution that packs versatility, personalization, and user agency.

Interactive kiosks are an excellent venue for achieving this exact effect. Every visitor in your storefront comes with a window of availability that begins closing as soon as they cross the door threshold. Impressing the value of your services and providing relevant answers to inquiries and expectations is a streamlined accomplishment that benefits from the user hand-selecting their own comprehensive experience, discovering what you offer, relevant bits of data, curating a portfolio of products, and learning more about your company through interactive media.

Kiosks come in a few varieties:

  • Self-service
  • Information
  • Product selection

Enabling your visitors to fulfill their own goals in a space that promotes interactivity, exploration, and education crafts a connection between your brand and their unique experience. That’s what people remember most – not the services you offer, but how they could uncover those services.

OpenEye Global values a cohesive, collaborative approach to every project, letting our team tap into your intimate understanding of your environment, offerings, and branding to deliver an unforgettable experience. With the value of your organization at the fingertips of your target audience, converting visitors to brand advocates comes down to a science. You’re proving that you care about them, and facilitating a space that’s considerate, informational, and compelling isn’t something easily forgotten.

Crafting a space that thrives on integrating technological innovation and leading creative design theory with your storefront is by no means a feat achievable by just anyone. OpenEye Global’s dedication to quality experiences through interactive kiosks is founded on our commitment to progress and tailored growth. If you’re interested in partnering with us, visit our contact page or give us a call at (732) 407-5018 for more information.

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