Video Walls & Lobby Experiences

Video walls, panels, and screens are a form of digital transformation that create immersive experiences in your lobby spaces. With their powerful visual and interactive capabilities, these technologies allow you to provide engaging content that immerses customers in your brand story.

Creating a welcoming and engaging storefront atmosphere as quickly as possible is essential. First impressions set the tone for the entirety of a patron’s visit. From the moment they walk through the door, every minor interaction plays into your entire brand experience, which means that visitors need to be engaged and immersed from the onset. The best method is to deploy video wall and lobby experiences designed to centralize and enhance your storefront environment.

Video Walls & Lobby Experiences

The application of visual digital solutions, such as LED walls, panels, and screens, elevates the purpose of your lobby setting to a new degree beyond pure function. The more you engage with compelling multimedia productions, interactive touchscreens, and digital environment productions, the more likely you’ll convert a passerby to a brand advocate.

Digital solutions like video walls embedded in your lobby spaces are storytelling mediums. Everything your brand has to offer is a part of a larger story, and how you convey that story is pivotal in getting your audience to receive it and, by extension, your brand positively. How those solutions are structured, implanted, engineered, designed, and maintained is critical in manufacturing a powerful visual impact that leaves a lasting impression on your target demographic. How do you create that sort of impact? You create it with OpenEye Global, working in tandem on a collaborative project designed to maximize your lobby spaces’ efficacy through digital transformation and innovation.

Creating Immersive Environments

Lobbies should serve as more than just an entry point to your storefront locations. They’re welcoming spaces, providing information, entertainment, and engagement to invite visitors to experience your brand in its totality. First impressions matter, so video walls are an excellent solution to evolve your lobby experiences.

Video walls, panels, and screens are a form of digital transformation that create immersive environments in your lobby spaces. With their powerful visual and interactive capabilities, these technologies allow you to engage with your audience on a deeper level by providing engaging content that immerses them in your brand story. Whether it’s entertaining multimedia productions or an interactive touchscreen experience, video walls help you connect more effectively with potential customers while building lasting impressions that impact all who interact with them.

As one of the few interactive design partners to truly leverage digital transformation and innovative fabrication for visual marketing, OpenEye Global can help you create an immersive lobby experience that engages all potential clients and converts them into brand advocates. The end goal is immersion. Cultivating an immersive experience is a complicated process, and it starts with their first few steps into your lobby.

How to Best Tell Your Story

Patrons should know what they’re walking into. They should have an idea of what your story offers, what your brand is about, and how that pertains to their interests and goals. Whether you’re using multimedia presentations, interactive technologies, or self-service kiosks, everything can use your storytelling prowess to impact your audience in a way that matters. LED screens, video walls, interactive displays, and more are just a few methods that proactively engage with your target audience and convey your story to them in an engaging, compelling manner.

OpenEye Global understands the importance of video walls and lobby experiences, evident by years of innovation in cultivating better customer experiences through those mediums. Visit our contact page or call (732) 407-5018 for more information.

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