Santander Bank

Digital Retail Signage program in 450+ Branches

OpenEye Global has helped us further enhance our branch environment and strengthen the way we communicate with our customers.

Santander Representative

Santander Representative

Since 2013 OpenEye has been working with Santander to develop numerous digital engagements within the branch environment to enhance the branch experience.

Recognized as one of the largest banks in the Northeast United States, Santander has been serving customers through a network of 450+ branches since 2013.  The bank continues to grow its presence in the US  through innovative branch concepts and expansion into new States.

Santander’s commitment to integrating digital into multiple facets of the branch experience has helped craft an innovative brand perception. Santander has consistently worked with OpenEye to develop numerous digital engagements that strengthen its marketing efforts and customer service commitment.

We serve as an invaluable partner to their marketing, IT, and retail design team as they continue to drive innovation across their ever-expanding branch network.