Gorgeous content to showcase BRAVIA Professional Displays

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Catherine Kelly Moreau Sr. Manager, Marketing Communications

Catherine Kelly Moreau Sr. Manager, Marketing CommunicationsSONY

Sony’s Professional Displays are renowned for their stunning quality, but the company needed real-world examples to showcase their potential for digital signage. That’s where we came in. We worked closely with SONY’s marketing and tech teams to create a range of digital signage content, from Corporate Lobby to Fashion Retail. The aim was to inspire buyers with beautiful and eye-catching examples, as well as demonstrating the potential of digital signage in their own environments.

But that wasn’t all. We also created a promotional marketing video for SONY Professional Displays, showcasing the quality of the display, the cool technology features, and the network of partners. Our goal was to highlight the unique selling points of Sony’s Professional Displays and create an engaging and informative video that would appeal to both potential buyers and existing customers.

The end result was a range of stunning examples of digital signage content and a promotional marketing video that perfectly showcased the beauty and potential of SONY’s Professional Displays. Our collaboration with SONY’s marketing and tech teams allowed us to create content that looked absolutely amazing on their displays, attracting attention and inspiring customers to think about how digital signage could transform their own environments.