South Amboy Entrepreneur at Helm of Growing Tech Firm

South Amboy-based OpenEye, a global digital media consultancy, helps brands engage customers through a strategic digital in-store experience.

This technology allows companies to display a variety of dynamic marketing messages, localized offers, and core product information.

Founder Bryan Meszaros’ entrepreneurial success story began in the basement of his parents’ home in South Amboy when he was 23, and since has grown into a million-dollar company.

The company has experienced global success creating digital signage solutions for a range of brands, including The Corcoran Group in New York, the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, FITCH, McDonald’s, Vodafone, Santander Bank and more.

OpenEye also has completed digital marketing projects at various businesses overseas

“OpenEye works to design and create strategic digital experiences that effectively engage consumers,” said Meszaros, 35. “We work across a multitude of markets, from retail to financial, helping those brands understand how to take advantage of today’s proven technologies to better communicate with their customers. We help them to understand what is applicable and craft a strategy that positions them to gain value from the investment in the solution.”

He said one of Open-Eye’s major clients is Santander, in their U.S. and U.K. divisions.

“They tasked us to help them create a more dynamic and engaging environment for their clients,” Meszaros said. “Their challenge, as it is with most banks, is how do you educate and convey the offerings of the brand in a meaningful manner each time the customer visits the branch?

“We took the time to study the branch, understand the ways in which the customer behaves when they are there, and also gained a better understanding of the Santander brand.”

He said with that understanding, they developed and deployed a digital merchandising program: digital signage.

“We developed a strategy that would allow the bank to communicate more effectively and help their customers understand the full breadth of offerings,” Meszaros said. “The program enables the bank to deliver specifically targeted messaging so it is always relevant and current.”

Born and raised in South Amboy, Meszaros attended St. Mary Regional High School, graduating in 1996. He attended Seton Hall University and graduated with a degree in communication arts in 2000.

Meszaros now is the firm’s managing director and on a daily basis, he said, he “manages the overall operations of the agency and also assists with strategy design and business development.”

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