The Colab Project: XMAS JAM 2019

We constantly talk about collaboration, different groups from different disciplines working together to create unique experiences. Collaboration is key for almost every project especially when it comes to delivering an integrated digital experience. A successful collaboration is rooted in culture, work ethic and a shared passion towards delivering great experiences.

For the holidays we wanted to do something different given our musical roots so we invited a few of our agency friends to re-record a classic tune with each of us adding our own personality.

Hopefully the efforts of this collaboration show!

– Ed Flores (OEG@openeyeglobal & @eddashd / Lead Vocal
– Chris Whalen (OEG@openeyeglobal & @cWhalenRun / Acoustic Guitar & Background Vocals
– Blake Kishler (Kolar Design@bdkish & @kolar_Design / Trombone & Harmonica
– Mark Coxon (Tangram Interiors@AVPhenom & @TangramTweets / Rhythm Guitar
– Chris Fox (OEG@cfxiam & / Acoustic Guitar
New Lyrics By:
– Chris Whalen (OEG) / Bryan Meszaros (OEG) / Ed Flores (OEG)
Produced By:
– Bryan Meszaros (OEG)
Mixed By:
– Chris Whalen (OEG)
Based on the original song “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” by Arthur Warrelll