Wayfinding, Digital Signage, & Interactive Technology

In this interview from Digital Signage Expo 2016, Bryan Meszaros gives insight into the budgets and research that goes into expanding technologies such as wayfinding, digital signage, and interactive technology. Bryan has been working in the digital interactive space for over 14 years and has worked with global companies such as Westfield, Madame Tussauds, and much more.

The Q&A below is a quick insight into what you’ll see in the video.

Q. What does it mean to have such an integral role in DSE and the future of the organization?

A. DSE has long been a huge supporter of OpenEye.  It’s an exceptional organization that has helped to increase awareness towards the Digital Signage Industry. It’s groups like DSE that have helped the Industry establish an identity for itself and promote all that is significant with the use of visual & interactive media. I have been very fortunate to serve on the Advisory Board since 2008 and also recognized as a distinguished faculty member. It means a great deal to be part of an organization that has enabled me to establish a voice in the industry and share my experiences with the community. DSE continues to push the boundaries by encouraging prominent organizations to showcase their innovations and set the stage for groups, like OpenEye, to be recognized and allow to flourish as an agency. Their growth not only helps the industry but helps us continue to succeed.

Q. Since DSE, what has been the one thing that has stuck with you that you’ve implemented into your current executions and/or strategy?

A. Walking the floor and sitting through the education sessions at DSE it’s hard not come away with some ideas or strategies towards improving our efforts. Successful customer engagement is crucial for us, both from a technology “wow” factor and our ability to understand the audience and communicate effectively. At DSE we discovered several new types of display technology and some cool transparent/hologram displays from Real Fiction that we will be using for an upcoming project with Madame Tussauds in New York City. We also sat through session talks with Walt Disney Parks, American Eagle Outfitters, Blinds.com and Microsoft Retail listening to their thoughts on the use of big data, content development tactics and how to create more immersive retail experiences. We came away from each session with a notebook full of ideas and insights that otherwise we would have never come across from just sitting at home.

In the video below you will find more Q&A and insights into wayfinding, digital signage, and interactive technology.

After watching the video if you have any questions for our founder, we encourage you to reach out here on our contact page, or tweet him directly @Bryanmeszaros