Westfield: Boston Logan Airport: Creative Ideation, Digital Signage, Digital Content

Find your gate and get coffee on the way!

The gateway to New England is not found on cobble stoned streets or within the duck boats on the Charles River. Instead, it’s found within terminal C inside Boston Logan International Airport.

The gateway to New England is not found on cobble stoned streets or within the duck boats on the Charles River. Instead, it’s found within terminal C inside Boston Logan International Airport.

With more than 4 million enplanements per year, Terminal C was in a need of a more robust, digitally-connected wayfinding system to combat growing airport and customer expectations.Challenges were many, including enhancing traveler awareness and engagement at the retail level, while delivering an improved ability to navigate the terminal and find gate and flight information with as little ambiguity as possible.

In keeping with traveler aspirations and desires, we were tasked with delivering an experience that was both elegant and efficient.

To meet that challenge, we ensured a beautifully designed UI displayed the necessary, time-sensitive information within a modernist, contoured enclosure, leveraging an integrated software platform that fit soundly within the greater airport wayfinding and design systems.

Delivering on the promise of fast-changing customer and traveler experience expectations, this next-generational, intelligence- and logic-based recommendation platform creates an engaging and efficient customer experience that sits at the convergence of physical and digital.

We deployed a self-learning recommendation engine, serving back real-time concession recommendations based on collective prior input from user profiles and past selections. The information provided can be translated into 5 languages (Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, Farsi, English) and helps travelers make the best use of their time as well as explore and discover new products, services, and experiences related to the terminal.

Applying a combination of strategy and design while being privy to wait and dwell times, we were able to create a user experience that respects the most prized metric of all, our user happiness and the brand equity we can instill in them.


In partnership with Openeye Global, we are creating new and more efficient ways to connect travelers to information that will save them time, reduce stress and provide a more holistic experience.

Lu Silverstein:
Vice President, Innovation and Technology

Kravet: Designer Kiosk & Digital Pegboard

Shopping is for suckers, engage in a retail experience instead.

Tasked with creating an immersive experience for the Kravet Experience Center in NYC, we mixed design aesthetics with technology to produce moments that matter for their customers.

Merlin Entertainment: SeaLife Aquarium – Doodle Reef: Experiential Design, Creative Ideation, Digital Signage, Digital Content

A doodle for all ages.

We were tasked to design and create an interactive experience that would encourage children (and adults) to learn about various sea life creatures. The experience, which is centered around the use of a custom iPad app allows the guests to create their own unique fish with an array of effects.​

Santander Bank: Digital Signage, Creative Ideation, Digital Content

Creating stronger branch engagement.

Upon winning the opportunity to bring digital signage into one of the world’s largest and most revered banks back in September 2013, we had the rigorous challenge of deploying the program to 700+ locations within 2 months.

Merlin Entertainment: Madame Tussauds – Digital Signage, Digital Content

42nd Street is not what it used to be.

A large LED display in New York City will give tens of millions of annual visitors to Times Square – ‘the crossroads of the world’ – a chance to see inside Madame Tussauds.

Merlin Entertainment: Madame Tussauds – Fashion Experience: Creative Ideation & Interactive Design

Strut your stuff!

Madame Tussauds New York’s Fashion Experience with Alessandra Ambrosio puts you in the middle of your very own Fashion Show in the Fashion Capital of the World, New York City!

Merlin Entertainment: Madame Tussauds – Project Broadway: Creative Ideation, Digital Signage, Emerging Technologies, Digital Content

You’re invited to be the star of the show!

It’s official, the magic, glitz and glamour of 42nd Street in New York City has been captured for locals and tourists alike to relive again and again!