What is The Digital Experience Approach?

In our latest ebook, The A-Z Guide To The Digital Experience Approach, we look at the 360° degree approach to crafting a true branded customer experience, from first digital in-store touch to utilizing the latest consumer technology tools.

Here are our 6 reasons why you should be thinking about The Digital Experience Approach as collected by a few of us here at OpenEye Global.

  1. Content doesn’t live on only one screen, we use multiple devices throughout the day. Ensure your content is optimized from mobile, tablet to web. A one size fits all approach doesn’t work here. Your content needs to be adaptive to each unique customer journey.
  2. A well-thought out digital experience strategy provides you with a blueprint that builds a solid foundation. It also provides a clear-vision, breaking down a massive endeavor into achievable goals. What can seem like a monumental challenge is often the sum of many small wins.
  3. The best brands aren’t using guesswork. Every move, every action has been thought-out and scrutinized to ensure only the right message is going out at the right time. In your foundation, your team must think about every possible customer scenario. The strategy and process needs to be defined and re-defined at constant iterations.
  4. User Experience is really important. The lines between user and experience is blurred in such a way that the experience is often being defined by the user. Be adaptive in approach and plan for the unexpected and latest trends. The best UX pushes boundaries when necessary and embraces a world of change.
  5. Empathize with your audience. While we are all fighting for market-share, try and grow heart and mind share by building a scalable brand strategy based on insights and data.
  6. Data is our friend in the Digital Experience Approach. We use it to set goals, measure performance, and help us make better creative decisions. Data driven design, less of an oxymoron and more of a smart approach to creating, is shaping our world in more ways each and everyday.

There you have it. Reasons why you need to be thinking about The Digital Experience Approach.

Looking for more detailed reasons why you should be thinking about The Digital Experience Approach, download our A-Z Guide here.