OEG Culture – 15 Years in the Making

When I started OpenEye Global in my mother’s basement in 2002, I never thought I’d be leading a team of the most innovative and passionate creatives around. But more than that, they are my extended family, friends, and some of the closest people to me.

That’s why getting nominated for the 2016 SmartCEO Corporate Culture Award is such an honor. Never did I think I would see this level of success, and to quote the great Frank Sinatra, to do it “my way” is even cooler.

So I sit here today (originally written down on a cocktail napkin at the new local brewery down the street), writing this as more of a collection of my inner-thoughts than a traditional blog post.

  • Getting nominated for this award really shows how unique and special our culture is. It came together organically and we wholeheartedly believe that what we have created is very special and wouldn’t trade it for the world.
  • We say family and I truly mean it. We come together as agency & family, working in what some may call a “unique environment”. But that is because of our culture creates an environment for innovation and creativity, celebrating our uniqueness and leveraging it as one of our biggest strengths.
  • Being nominated doesn’t fall solely on my shoulders. As a leader, I can only hope to inspire the team and set an example moving forward. It boils down to our hard work and our maturity of knowing how well we work with each other.
  • We’ve evolved as an agency, and how we have figured out that balance of enjoyment and discipline. We do not take that for granted.
  • After years of trying to figure out who we really are, I think we’ve reached our stride. There is a confidence and humbleness to learn, which only mirrors the work ethic I set for myself.

But in the end, all that really matters is that I get to work with the greatest team and on our terms. That is what our culture is about, and once again, I’m damn proud! (or do we say, tramps like us were born to run!?)
– Bryan