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Leveraging your storefront’s unique characteristics and opportunities with custom-created experience design initiatives can break new ground for how your brand connects with your audience.

The days of traditional signage are behind us. They’re cheap and easy to produce, but their impact on your brand presence and sales numbers are dwindling by the day. Audiences have higher expectations now. People don’t remember statistics, they remember experiences, moments that matter to them because it resonated with something they believe in, are interested in, or want to pursue. It’s time to adapt and innovate, take new directions with your marketing and brand outreach, and go in a personalized direction. Traditional signage solutions are limited, but the right digital signage agency can breathe new life into your storefront environments.

Digital Signage Agency

Despite the popularity of online space, whether for researching a class project or doing some quick retail thrifting, the enamor and pull of physical space will never be rendered obsolete. The thing is, your company has to understand how to capitalize on remodeling and augmenting your environment with the right technological solutions and tailored creative strategies. That’s where OpenEye Global comes into play. Leveraging your storefront’s unique characteristics and opportunities with custom-created experience design initiatives can break new ground for how your brand connects with your audience.

How Digital Signage Changes Your Presence

One of the biggest draws for incorporating digital signage into your storefront space is versatility. These features are adaptable based on what your stores need, conveying important information and delivering entertaining content through various means. The type of digital signage that ends up being used depends on the conclusions drawn from our expert team following an in-depth collaborative analysis of your brand’s identity, goals, offerings, and physical environments. A few examples of digital signage include:

  • Digital kiosks
  • LED displays
  • Outdoor and indoor screens
  • Large visual displays
  • Video walls

These solutions are not static like traditional signage. Your teams are afforded complete management control over what each piece of digital signage displays and offers, whether that be important information about your products, multimedia content for attracting traffic, or providing essential wayfinding tools to help guide users to their desired destinations.

Going Beyond Digital Signage

The inclusion of digital signage as a part of your in-store layout is a big step toward modernizing your brand’s image and physical environments. However, as nothing more than a customizable media board, digital signage alone is a passive vehicle. It certainly helps, but it doesn’t drive home the goal of connecting with your customers in the way you need.

OpenEye Global focuses on evolving digital signage through experience design philosophies. Entertaining content and informational boards are vital for keeping customers informed, but you can do more to engage with them proactively. The implementation of interactive content invites visitors to be more than spectators.

The impact of participation has a more powerful effect on your audience than you might think. By enabling their ability to cultivate their experience according to their preferences, you’re taking an active part in shaping how they view your brand. Engagement through the experiential and interactive deployment of emerging technologies increases memory retention, converts visitors to brand advocates, and guides the sales process to transition potential buyers to customers seamlessly.

Reinventing your physical space through the work of a digital signage agency like OpenEye Global starts here. Visit our contact page or give us a call at (732) 407-5018 for more information.

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