Digital Signage for Financial Institutions

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As you’ll find commonly across any major industry, financial institutions have been experiencing their version of change within the past few years. With the conveniences of online banking and the increasing preference for drive-thru services, many banking customers are avoiding the need to enter banking storefronts. Most of the time, it’s simply because they don’t need to.

Digital Signage for Financial Institutions

There’s a growing demand for quick, attentive service for the type of clientele who need to pay visits to their local banking branch. Digital signage for financial institutions plays a critical role in communicating with patrons of your bank, streamlining education, entertainment, and information through user-centric technological integrations.

Incorporating cutting-edge technology to augment the customer’s experience through immersive multimedia solutions. There’s no need to prattle on about the long list of benefits available through your programs when you can show the results instead. Communicating the most valuable aspects that can redefine the customer experience and appeal to their base needs, preferences, and goals starts with OpenEye Global. Your financial institution has a story to tell in ways that words can’t feasibly communicate. Our desire to use storytelling to connect with your audience in a meaningful way plays a considerable role in helping your financial institution evolve and reinvent itself.

Benefits of Digital Signage

The reliance on bank staff to handle every aspect of the customer’s financial process has been reduced dramatically since the worldwide adoption of online platforms. That doesn’t mean that bank branches aren’t still frequented. Up to 80% of bank patrons have gone to their local branch within the past year. However, instead of making each visit out to be a long, drawn-out affair, they’ve changed to brief 5-10 minute conversations. Bank branches are still important, but the focus of their services has to be changed to address the needs of the consumers.

Rapid, Concise Communication

For complex matters, a banking professional is the best fit. However, the larger portion of your visitors shouldn’t need to sit down with a banker to discuss all matters pertaining to their financial affairs. Digital signage accelerates the communication process by providing visual aids for what your institution offers. Messages can be delivered faster, offerings can be highlighted, and essential information such as shifting values can be displayed as needed.

Destress Through Entertainment

Money is a high-stress concept for a large portion of the population. Anything directly related to personal finances, such as concluding certain business within a bank branch, makes people uncomfortable. Digital signage can help assuage consumer anxieties through entertainment and reassurance, helping them feel welcome and at ease.

Customizable Environments

Financial institutions must adapt their services to rapidly changing circumstances. Traditional signage was inefficient at maintaining relevance long-term, making them difficult to incorporate into your banking environment easily. Digital signage, however, can be changed as needed to suit your purposes. Modifying your storefront to reflect the values and offerings of your banking institution helps maintain consistency, communication, and relevancy based on continually transforming factors.

The addition of powerful visual mediums like digital signage for financial institutions introduces new means to connect with audiences. Personalization and adaptation are the means of the future, and OpenEye Global has the capacity, skill, and experience to take you there. Visit our contact page or give us a call at (732) 407-5018 for more information.

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