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Without a good plan for your digital signage solutions, you won’t have the staying power needed to connect with your audience, thereby reducing brand presence and advocacy.

Plastering your company’s branding over your storefront display, backdropped with vibrant colors and graphics, is the equivalent of throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. It might work, certainly, but without technological integration, creative ideation development, and strategizing leveraging user-centric design choices, you’re left with little security in your investment. Furthermore, without a better plan for your digital signage solutions, you won’t have the staying power needed to connect with your audience, reducing brand presence and advocacy.


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Engaging with your customers starts and ends with how well you can curate an experience like no other for them. To get there, you need a company capable of establishing a unique environment bridging technology, content, and creative design into a single solution.

OpenEye Global is an experience design agency dedicated to delivering novel displays, experiences, and specialized visionary deployment that make moments matter. Moments in time are captured through physical interaction in ways that appeal to the human experience, which is why we implement user-centric methodologies revolving around collaborating with clients seeking innovative technology and design solutions. In coordination with best fit technology integration for immersive practices and environments, creativity drives both experiential and interactive displays, creating spaces that align business goals with consumer brand advocacy, loyalty, and appreciation.

Implementing High-Performance Strategies

No successful project has ever begun with a blank canvas. The theater of the mind may be imaginative and seemingly without limit, but when push comes to shove, creativity cannot be fully realized without a structured plan to follow. OpenEye Global doesn’t wait for the lightning strike of inspiration to guide our work processes. Instead, we invest in close collaborative relationships with our clients to unify the project under a single vision, outlining core working points with the unique guidance and perspective delivered by our clients.

OpenEye Global is a small company that prioritizes high levels of capability, industry-leading skill sets, and an unabridged passion for creative design that creates unique experiences. Working with a compact team ensures that your project will receive a higher degree of personalization, using your company’s background, goals, preference, insights, and feedback as a springboard to curate digital signage solutions that address the core pain points you’ve been looking to correct.

Leading, learning, and driving innovative technological growth in conjunction with time-tested design techniques is only possible when you work with a company capable of applying your unique perspective in ways that reach customers. So we put ourselves in your shoes, an approach that allows us to understand what your target audience wants, expects, and how to flip the script and design an experience that blows them out of the water. Close-knit relationships with our clients are the fundamental principle that grounds each project, always keeping your success in mind while deploying solutions to express and expand your brand’s persona and presence.

Digital engagement and technology are shaping how customers interact with business and vice versa. OpenEye Global understands that humans want connections, intimacy, mutual understanding, and a belief that your brand genuinely has their interests and concerns in mind. Finding new ways to bridge those gaps in ways that matter is our passion, creating, designing, and deploying new digital signage solutions that break the mold on what public outreach and interactivity can be. If you’re interested in partnering with us, visit our contact page or give us a call at (732) 407-5018 for more information.

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