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OpenEye Global is an experience design agency serving Los Angeles, California, that emphasizes collaboration to create an ideal strategy attuned to your company’s needs, wants, and expectations.

Knowing how to reinvigorate your brand’s persona and physical presence to reach your audience is half the battle. Implementing the right solutions that leverage innovative technology combined with thoughtful, creative design is best achieved in partnership with experience design agencies in Los Angeles, California, that take the time to understand both your audience’s culture and your brand’s persona, goals, and physical spaces.



Your company has a unique environment that deserves custom-crafted strategies, not cookie-cutter solutions that fail to account for why users look for your products and services in the first place. You can’t curate an immersive, meaningful experience without the time spent researching analytics, understanding audience goals and behaviors, and extensive collaboration.

Creating unique physical spaces and environments that elevate customer experiences above and beyond expectations is part of what makes OpenEye Global unique. We’re here to make moments matter, amplifying experiences for innovative brands and inspired organizations that break the mold. With specially crafted digital signage solutions created in tandem with your teams, we leverage storytelling, creative design, and immersive technology to develop extraordinary, world-class solutions that educate, immerse, entertain, and communicate with your target demographic.

What Does Experience Design Mean?

Effective brand environments cater to the user’s experience. The user-centric design prioritizes supporting user behavior, providing a more straightforward means to connect with your audience through utility, function, and desirability. As soon as a visitor enters your company’s physical space, meeting their needs in ways that are both informative and engaging can mold their unique experiences into meaningful moments.

Solving problems and addressing pain points through design thinking, visual engagement, and impactful content gives visitors a reason to continue investing in your brand. Implementing the right experience relies on creative and technical solutions, driving an authentic desire to convey powerful messages through adaptive, personalized mediums. The experience your customers receive determines how they will interact with your company. For us, experience is the brand, and developing unique, custom-fit strategies is vital for your success.

Why Choose OpenEye Global

We have a passion for experience design and a credible portfolio of industry giants as past collaborators and clients, but what separates OpenEye Global from the pack?


Our team is compact and nimble, composed of 7 to 10 talented, highly skilled individuals at any time ranging from a variety of backgrounds and locations. The small size ensures that you always know who you’re working with and that we’re capable of delivering high-quality solutions from trained individuals with an average of 15 years of industry experience.


We’ve been here since the beginning. Founded 20 years ago, OpenEye Global has built its brand since the early days of the internet, developing cutting-edge solutions with innovative technology for optimal results for decades.


There are no generic solutions that deliver the kind of impact needed to bring your brand’s awareness, persona, and physical environments to the next level. Our process centers on collaboration, an approach that leverages design and technology as complementary forces to each other. Sometimes technology drives design, while other times design drives technology, both ensuring you’re provided with comprehensive user-centric solutions for your company.

OpenEye Global is an experience design agency serving Los Angeles, California, that emphasizes collaboration to create an ideal strategy attuned to your company’s needs, wants, and expectations. If you’re interested in partnering with us, visit our contact page or give us a call at (732) 407-5018 for more information.

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