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OpenEye Global knows the impact of experience design personally. We’ve built our brand around the belief that the experience of your audience is paramount to success.

There’s always been a line between technology and design. At any given time, one has been a vehicle to deliver the other, whether you’re creating a marketing strategy to sell the latest smartphone or using a kiosk to communicate an educational message at a museum. An experience design agency in Nashville, Tennessee, like OpenEye Global, goes beyond the traditional means to connect with your audience. With the right partner, delivering moments that matter can be achieved daily through the orchestration of storytelling, design, and technology together.

OpenEye Global knows the impact of experience design personally. We’ve built our brand around the belief that the experience of your audience is paramount to success. Inspiring individuals, growing your organization, and making genuine connections with your patrons lead to some of the most extraordinary adventures that an organization can ever embark on. It’s exciting. It’s innovative. It can restructure your entire approach to how the public perceives your brand persona. Every solution is uniquely created to adhere to our client’s preferences. Our collaborative approach relies on close collaboration, making the best use of your knowledge about your company’s message and how we can best convey it, helping to educate, entertain, and accelerate the buyer’s journey.

How Do You Create New Experiences?

One step at a time. Commandeering an entire project and shunting your teams out of its cycle is an approach that thousands upon thousands of service providers have adopted. That’s no way to develop a specialized solution for your organization, and we understand that. We here at OpenEye Global believe in a collaborative approach founded on five principles that guide our decision-making processes and project scope.

  • Design Thinking
  • Interactive Storytelling
  • Integrated Experiences
  • Visual Engagement
  • Meaningful Content

Every step serves a purpose in crafting experiences that merge thoughtful design with functional interaction. Our solutions take on different forms, each uniquely suited to the environments of each of our clients. They come in the form of interactive kiosks, giant video walls, interactive directories, wayfinding boards, mobile pegboards, and so on. The purpose is to engage with your audience through multiple venues, such as entertainment, education, informational, self-service, communication, ultimately helping ease the pain and tension associated with the buyer’s journey. By enabling visitors to take charge of their own experience and interact with your brand’s offerings, you’re giving them enhanced agency, creating a worthwhile memory in the process.

An individual won’t remember a storefront that displays its information across a line of static cardboard cutouts. That’s been seen a thousand times. They will remember a storefront that used integrated hardware to display dynamic shows that could be curated to the preferences of the user through an interactive interface. They will remember a brand that recognized what they were there for and provided the means to amplify the shopper’s journey in your environment.

Executing the best possible digital transformation for your company’s physical spaces isn’t easy. OpenEye Global is composed of a small, agile team of highly skilled professionals from various backgrounds, disciplines, and locations. Our proficiency with experience design is unrivaled, making us one of the best experience design agencies in Nashville, Tennessee, that you could work with. Visit our contact page or give us a call at (732) 407-5018 for more information.

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