Experience Design Agencies NYC, New York

An experience design agency serving NYC, New York, can empower your physical environments with large visual displays, interactive kiosks, video walls, and more.

Visitors’ attention to your site is fleeting. As long as you don’t proactively engage them, the likelihood that you’ll grow your audience depends solely on their investment in your environment. But how can you guide the focus of your audience, amplifying their interaction and appreciation of your brand through an effective medium? An experience design agency in NYC, New York, empowers your physical environments with large visual displays, interactive kiosks, video walls, and more to evolve audience engagement, take moments in time, and elevate them through educational, impressive, and immersive content within innovative technology formats.


Experience Design Agencies NYC, New York


Elevating user experience through driven digital engagement enables your physically built environments to connect with your audience. OpenEye Global specializes in creating spaces that speak to your brand’s persona and capacity to support customer interaction through experiential and interactive deployment, digital activation, innovation, and analytics.

Our approach is purely collaborative, built on a relationship between our team and yours to implement effective, powerful creative strategies in concert with best-fit technology. Through user-centric design thinking and a passion for delivering contact that means something to the individual, reinvigorating your brand’s environment thrives on enabling users to experience your brand in new, extraordinary ways.

Benefits of User-Centric Experience Design Signage

Where do your customers spend their time in your environment? What are their preferences, behaviors, and goals for visiting your brand’s space? Compiling analytics for actionable planning and implementation gives our team insight into what drives your target demographic. Only by understanding what makes people interested in your company can we deploy best-fit solutions taking advantage of your physical environment to its full potential.

How digital signage is implemented can have massive impacts on interactivity and engagement. With a well-executed strategy, connecting with your audience in a meaningful way can convert visitors to advocates and brand loyalists. Digital signage, built through an experience design methodology, can have long-lasting benefits for your brand’s image, environment, and consumer base.

Decreased Perceived Wait Times

Interaction with your brand’s physical location often ends in a bottleneck where visitors must wait in lines to meet their needs. Immersive digital signage at critical, high-traffic locations keeps users entertained and informed, keeping them occupied and interested while in your environment.

Better Overall Communication

People are more receptive to concepts and retain more information when they’re delivered through visual content. Videos, graphics, slideshows, and other digital content methods enable better information absorption, enabling greater recognition and memorization of core business information, services, and offerings.

Versatile Revision and Adaptation Capability

Updating your environment is easier when you aren’t forced to completely replace signage each time you have new information to share. Keeping your audience apprised of the latest developments in your company is easily achievable through a medium that’s designed to be changed on your timetable.

Modernize Your Environment

Technology is the way of the future. As more companies integrate digital signage solutions, keeping up with your competition involves taking approaches that embrace innovative techniques, resources, and methods. LED and LCD screens, giant video walls, interactive kiosks, and other similar digital signage solutions modernize your company’s physical spaces.

Curating an audience’s personalized experience in a way that matters needs an experience design agency in NYC, New York that infuses passion into every project and solution they provide. With over 20 years of real-world experience, OpenEye Global provides superior deliverables that perfectly and powerfully conform to your brand’s identity and needs. Visit our contact page or give us a call at (732) 407-5018 for more information.

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