Experience Design Firms

Connecting consumers with your physical environment needs more than a board of numbers and information. It needs actionable material to entice visitors to become participants rather than  observers. OpenEye Global, one of the leading experience design firms, can make it happen.

Competing with the prevalence of online solutions has become a thorn in the side of the classic storefront experience. The functionality of walking into a store, finding what you need, and leaving is evident in itself. Still, many companies find that the bare-bones offerings aren’t enough anymore to challenge digital conglomerates. There’s no incentive to patronize your establishment without features that change the fundamental interactions customers have with your brand.

Experience Design Firms

The emerging principles that drive experience design firms like OpenEye Global offer a fresh alternative to traditionally bland storefront environments by cultivating unique new experiences for customers. Rather than just being a commodity, you can transform your space into an immersive story.

OpenEye Global comprises a small, agile team to ensure every client receives the total value of our diverse skill sets. We aim to be familiar, accessible, and holistically collaborative to help you realize your vision. There are no storefronts out there that cannot benefit from the implementation of experience design strategies. It takes a little investment, some creativity, and a willing attitude to give innovation a shot. It’s time to do some reimagining of what your brand’s customer experience should be.

Making Lasting Memories

The longer your brand’s persona and offerings linger in your audience’s mind, the more likely you are to convert leads and create brand advocates. If something left an undeniable impact on the individual’s psyche, there’s an innate drive to share that with people they care about. The most effective advertising method is word of mouth, and giving people a reason to gab about what your storefront offers is the key to success.

That’s accomplished by making moments that matter, a cornerstone philosophy adopted by our team. We believe that digital signage solutions implemented with experience design can reinvent the wheel. A storefront should not be a lifeless exhibit – it needs elements that give it life, motion, and immersion.

Let’s show a couple of examples of our work to show you what we mean.

The Jimmy Kimmel Live Experience

At Madame Tussaud’s in Hollywood, OpenEye Global created a transformative set making visitors a genuine part of The Jimmy Kimmel Show. Guests are greeted by a wax replica of Jimmy Kimmel himself, as is expected from Madame Tussaud, and they can take their time to grab a quick selfie. The exciting part comes next. Fans moving through the experience will have their own 15 seconds of fame for a pre-recorded interview, giving everyone a taste of the Hollywood limelight.

Sea Life

A kiosk with a mock turtle allows visitors to experience some literal hands-on learning at the Sea Life turtle exhibit. The experience provides guests with a simulated virtual rehabilitation, ranging from diagnosing turtles with an x-ray machine to how these animals are eventually released back out into the wild. Learning is at its most effective when the students are engaged with their physical environment, using first-hand tangible experience to grow minds both young and old.

Connecting your consumers with your physical environment needs more than a board of numbers and information. It needs actionable material to entice visitors to become a participant rather than an observer. OpenEye Global, one of the leading experience design firms, just so happens to be the right fit to make that happen. Visit our contact page or give us a call at (732) 407-5018 for more information.

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