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Modernization and the introduction of innovative technologies have altered the landscape of digital signage, emphasizing the importance of experience design.

Engagement with your target audience has come a long way since the olden days where a simple wooden sign was all you needed to draw in consumers. Your average user’s attention span has shortened, their critical eye has been sharpened, and differentiating your brand has grown more complicated. It’s not enough to place your company’s name in big, bold letters anymore. Modernization and the introduction of innovative technologies have altered the landscape of digital signage, emphasizing the importance of experience design.



Relying on reputation and a storefront or online location aren’t enough – curating a specialized, impactful experience tailored to the user’s agency is the new direction to go. Implementing custom content creation goes beyond deploying generic solutions that prioritize mass production over the clarity of purpose.

OpenEye Global takes an approach that pitches creativity and collaboration as the fundamental principles driving successful consumer interactions. In tandem with technological innovation, design is responsible for appealing to your audience, crafting finely tuned stories and experiences that draw in the eye, establish connections, and convert casual observers to advocates. Signage is a multi-level expression of what your brand represents and how it pertains to the individual, all conveyed through visual, conscientious displays geared around catering to the human experience.

Creativity and Analytics in Implementation

The ideal display is not conceived in a vacuum. The creativity of our architects provides fresh new concepts to drive user experiences, but our teams are not there to help plan and strategize with your engineers. Design without a comprehensive understanding of core data concepts, especially regarding your target demographic’s behaviors, preferences, and personalities, means your digital merchandising initiatives run the risk of falling on deaf ears.

The digital revolution explores new frontiers that elevate what design processes can accomplish, and creative design choices can guide what technologies can be procured for your establishment. Our methodology subscribes to the understanding that innovation stems from bridging both creative and analytical schools of thought – ingenuity and strategy combined to create a sum greater than its whole.

Pushing the boundaries of what makes digital signage immersive, compelling, and actionable means staying on the edge of what makes the design process evolve. Interactivity with digital signage, kiosks, and immersive displays directly engages the user, establishing a connection through tangible solutions. People like to be a part of something, and allowing customers to control their own personalized experiences is an essential part of establishing your brand while catering to the needs of the individual.

Where Does OpenEye Global Fit into the Picture?

We’re an experience design agency. Creating meaningful content delivered with all the impact, charm, and meaning we can muster defines our passion for our craft. Our goal is to create moments that matter, encapsulating time in ways that will be remembered, revisited, and made familiar. Customizing the user experience while expanding how your brand presents itself to the world enables more significant expressions of your core business beliefs, guides how users perceive and trust your products and services, and builds lasting relationships in a heartbeat.

OpenEye Global’s experience design approach connects our creative design proficiencies with expert planning and advisory services, allowing us to support your business’ proceedings and ongoing initiatives where you need us. Presenting your organization to the world is a process that leaves massive repercussions in its wake – our help builds positive reinforcement for your identity with every sign, exhibit, and screen. If you’re interested in partnering with us, visit our contact page or give us a call at (732) 407-5018 for more information.

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