Hospital Wayfinding

Hospital wayfinding solutions from OpenEye Global are essential for getting people where they need to be as quickly as possible.

Hospitals can be a labyrinth. A visitor’s experience in a hospital environment is intrinsically tied to their navigation: finding the room of a loved one, figuring out where they are in the building, finding the offices of influential individuals, where the waiting areas are, etc. A simple “you are here” board might be the bare minimum, but it doesn’t simplify the issues of traversing the hospital layout. Customers and patients are almost always operating under anxiety-driven mindsets, making rational navigation more challenging in an unfamiliar environment. Hospital wayfinding solutions from OpenEye Global are essential for getting people where they need to be as quickly as possible.

Hospital Wayfinding

What’s needed to fully realize an efficient, effective wayfinding solution is to understand the attitudes and behaviors of your audience. From there, communicating relevant information in simple, accessible ways necessitates an extensive comprehension of how digital technologies can deliver information, simplify user interactions, and relay actionable directions for patient rooms, parking, offices, waiting areas, and more. OpenEye Global’s intimate understanding of how digital signage affects communication, interaction, and work process streamlining empowers us with the skills needed to reinvent your hospital’s navigation efforts.

Implementing Control

There are few places where the individual feels more powerless than within a hospital setting. Every employee is an expert in a field very few visitors or patients understand, putting them at a distinct disadvantage in having agency within that environment. This mindset only compounds extant stressors such as anxiety and confusion, which negatively impact the overall experience.

Something as simple as helping visitors find where they are and the fastest path to get to where they need to help provide a level of control in an otherwise chaotic situation. Digitally innovative hospital wayfinding solutions do more than deliver a series of labeled arrows for navigation. Interactivity helps users understand the hospital layout, simplifying navigation and putting visitors at ease within a stressful, unfamiliar location. There’s no worse feeling than being lost.

Engaging Familiarity and Comfort

Regular digital signage throughout your facility gives an anchor point for visitors to latch onto. Since it will be a staple in their visit, it’s also an opportunity to leverage a sense of comfort beyond simple mapping. Highlighting points of interest, displaying helpful information about your hospital, and providing a welcoming visual aid instills a sense of convenience and accountability desired by many visitors.

Assisting Your Workers

Many hospital workers will not have the freedom or expectation to memorize the entire layout of the hospital. Hospital staff members tend to be regularly relegated to a single unit or wing and may not offer informed directions to the casual request. Not only does this result in frustration for both the worker and the hospital visitor, but it distracts the staff member from focusing on their duties, lowering performance and reducing efficacy.

Hospital staff already have enough on their plate to worry about providing directions around the facility to every visitor. Hospital wayfinding eases the burden of customer care on your staff, allowing them to freely go about their duties without being stopped to give directions at every corner.

One of the most versatile aspects of digital signage is modification. Your staff can easily manage everything, keeping all information up-to-date in an environment subject to continual change. OpenEye Global makes hospital wayfinding accessible with responsive, versatile solutions. Visit our contact page or give us a call at (732) 407-5018 for more information.

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